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QYANF Argireline Anti-aging Concentrate Anti Wrinkle Essence Liquid

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Item Type: Argireline Anti Wrinkle Essence
Brand: QYANF
Volume: 10ml
Bottle Material: Glass
Weight: About 10g
Package Included:
1 X Argireline Anti Wrinkle Essence

Please use it within 15 days after open it

Reviews (12)
  • Marj***an 2 weeks ago

    Ainda necessito mais tempo para ver os efeitos. Mas no geral é muito bom.

  • Katt***at 4 months ago
    dont know

    just testing it since 3 days beter review will come later

  •***id 5 months ago
    Super Qualität

    All Best, super Produkt, thank you

  • Sabl***be 5 months ago

    I was sceptical but I was searching for a product that had a certain ingredient so I ordered this but being wary of it's provenance. Every other night I used 5 drops with 2 drops of Rose Abs mixed in my hand and smoothed on. I felt a little sting at first but I persevered and today I looked at my forehead and my lines are significantly reduced. So now I am ordering more. If you buy this the info is all in Chinese so it is pot luck but one thing you do need to know is that you must keep it in a cool dark place (I put mine in a drawer) and use within 15 days. I lowed my stars to three for appearance as the label is in Chinese!

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