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Schnaphil Whitening Moisturzing Repairing Scar Jellyfish Pure Extract

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Item Type: Schnaphil Jellyfish Pure Extract
Brand: Schnaphil
Volume: 10ml
Ingredients: Jellyfish Extract, EGF, Deionized Water
Effect: Whitening, Moisturzing, Anti-Wrinkle & Anti-aging, Firming skin, Repairing Scar, Repair Stretch Marks
Bottle Material: Glass
Shelf life: 1. If unopened, can be stored for 3 years,
                2. After opening, the shelf life of six months
Weight: About 40g
Package Included:
1 X Schnaphil Jellyfish Pure Extract

1. Use it after cleansing and toning.
2. Apply proper amount onto face and massage skin gently till thoroughly absorbed.
3. Use it 1-2 times a day according to the skin texture, and use 3 bottles for a course of treatment.

Reviews (2)
  • Bett***ty 12 months ago

    Goods arrived safe and sound! Thank you! I recommend!

  • morg***ss 1 year ago
    i dont know yet

    well i bought only one bottle so im just starting with this product. first impression is great, bottle came in paper box and protected in plastic folie it was also locked with aluminium folie. yes its sticky yes its smooth and not greasy you can put it under make up, but you have to wait couple minutes before. face is really really smooth after this. for now i cant say anything about whitening and repairing scars

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