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[Clearance] BIOAQUA V-Shaped Facial Mask Essence Moisture Skin Care Anti Aging Face Pack Sheet

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Type: V-Shaped Facial Mask
Weight: 40g/Pieces
Shelf Life: 3 years
Main Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Silk Protein, Arbutin, Hyaluronic Acid etc.
Skin: Every kind of skin (Sensitive skin, please test it in your hand first before use.)
Package Included:
1 X Mask
1. Stored in a cool and dry places.
2. Keep away from children.
3. Cannot repeat using.
4. Avoid contact with the wound.
5. Any adverse reactions, stop using.
6. Due to different producing batches, product packaging might be a little different. But the effect is the same.

1. Cleansing face.
2. Apply the mask on the face, and flat it affixed to the face, pressed with a finger.
3. Waiting for 15-20 minutes, remove the mask.
4. Gently massage to absorb the residual essence.
5. 2-3 times/week.