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Luckyfine Blackhead Removal Peel-off Black Mask Purifying Nose Deep Cleansing Removing

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Item Type: Blackhead Removal Mask
Brand: Luckyfine

Color: Black
Gender: Unisex
Net Vol: 60g
Package Included:
1 X Luckyfine Blackhead Removal Mask

How to use:
Step 1: Wash your face with warm water to open the pores.
Step 2: Using blackhead educe liquid.
Step 3: Using blackhead peel-off mask. Please peel it off from chin to forehead.
Step 4: Using Ice Roller to cool your skin and reduce the uncomfortable feeling. 
Step 5: Using facial mask to shrink pore.
1. Due to the strong adsorbability and cleansing, it is normal that you might feel a bit of pain when peel it off.)
2. Due to different skin types of people, the effect varies from person to person. You can adjust the using quantity and using area according to your need. 
3. Suggest no more than twice a week.

Reviews (19)
  • Dori***is 5 months ago

    In perfect conditions, english manual is good for me.

  • Aman***ly 5 months ago
    Not Bad

    Under the instruction on the site, I put a hot towel on my face for about 3-5 minutes, then I applied the mask and let it dry completely. I believe this may soften the black heads internally for easier removal! Blackhead are almost gone! Thanks newchic!!

  • bern***ce 5 months ago
    It works!

    I applied this over my entire face yesterday and was immensely pleased with the results! It doesn't hurt to peel it off. I ordered another tube for my daughter. Will order again. Apply thickly for best results.

  • Alex***is 5 months ago
    nice product

    arrived in good condition and works great! Removes tons of excretion from my face without stimulation, thanks!

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