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Women Facial Hair Removal Stick Epilator Epistick

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Total Length: App 19cm
Spring Length: App 10cm
Material: Stainless Steel Coil Spring and Plastic Handles

Package Included:
1 X Facial Hair Remover

How to use:
1. Bend the stick into an inverted "U" and place it against the hairs you want to remove
2. Hold the handles, twist the stick in opposite directions
3. The hairs are trapped between the tightly coil spring which grips and removes them in one swift movement.

Reviews (109)
  • aba*** 3 months ago
    not very easy to use

    I found it not easy to use , you must try many times to learn how to use..

  • Cedr***ic 3 months ago
    Working well

    Bought this for my wife, was sore when she started to use but got used to it very quickly, now she cab carry it in her bag and use it when ever she feels like it.

  • zine***uy 3 months ago
    very good

    good product.

  • lior***rd 3 months ago
    New Women Facial Hair Removal Stick Epilator Epistick

    thank you it was fast best regards

  • hald***os 4 months ago

    nice for facial hair removal, bit sceptical if this is suitable for sensitive skins

  • Gork***di 4 months ago

    Really accurate description, fast shipping, top seller and top quality!!!!!!!!!

  • schw***41 4 months ago
    Ressort épilateur

    Mon épouse l'a adopté. Elle est ravie car il est très pratique et efficace pour supprimer le petit duvet. Parfait!

  • *** 4 months ago

    good value for money

  • LeaG***rl 4 months ago
    Stick Epil

    Il a mit du temps à arriver. Ca épile mais ça fait mal par contre

  • Carm***ot 5 months ago
    It WORKS!!!

    It was so difficult for me to take out those hairs with my tweezers, now I just fold the Epistick with one hand, place it over the hair, fold it to the opposite and hair is gone. Less pain than using tweezers, no need to see if I had got the hair, no problem with my lack of strength in my hands. Very easy to use, I highly recommend it.

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