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[Clearance] 10 Colors Glitter Face Body Painting Professional Diamond Powder Shine DIY DesignMakeup

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Item Type: Body Painting Powder
Color: As S
hown In The Pictures
Bottle Size: App 5cm*2cm(D*H)
Gel Size: App 8.3cm*1.3cm
Package Size: App 29.5cm*13cm(L*W)
Weight: App 262g

Package Included:
10 X Body Paint Powder
1 X Diamond Paint Gel

1. Frist, you have to choose u want to what style tattoo stencils
2. Stick a good template in parts of the body, tear film
3. Template hollow-out coated with white glue, tear off a template, save good, it can reusable
4. With this small blush gently Sweep flash powder on the location of the glue, then use big brush press the flash powder
5. Finally, clean up the rest of the glitter sweep, it's ok.