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Fast Hair Growth Essence Liquid Treament 20ml Men Women

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Item Type: Hair Growth Essence
Ingredients: Ginger King, Ginseng, Polygonum Multiflorum, Grape Seed Oil and Other Natural Ingredients 
Product Specifications: 20ml / Bottle
Suitable People: Men, Women
Shelf Life: About 24 months, as possible to run out within four months
Every 100 ml shampoo, add 3 ml, stir well

Package Included:
1 X Hair Growth Essence Liquid
1. Stored Under normal temperature.
2. Keep away from children.
3. Avoid contact with the wound.
4. Any adverse reactions, stop using.
5. This product is not suitable for pregnant women.

Reviews (77)
  • mem1***23 8 months ago

    I can confirm that this is really working for me, my hair was almost non existent on top of my head, after only a couple of months i can see hair growing still weak but its there started blowing in the wind almost, next thing i am thinking about buying wax to keep it under control lol. I can also assure everyone interested that i have no ties with newchic or the makers of the liquid.

  • Tper***to 10 months ago
    Fast Hair Growth Essence

    Ich habe es mal am Anfang ein bißchen stärker dosiert 6ml bei 100ml Shampoo um zu prüfen ob es verträglich für die Kophaut ist, dazu lasse ich es auch einige Minuten einwirken. Kopfhaut fühlt sich gut und vitalisierend an. Langzeiterfahrung habe ich leider noch keine. Da der Haarerneuerungs Prozess eher langsam ist werde ich nach meinem zweiten Fläschen erneut eine Review schreiben.

  • Nomi***94 6 months ago
    Great product

    love it, i have purchased this 4th time, for me and for my sister, she also love it. thanks newchic

  • jako***he 6 months ago

    очень быстро растут волосы. но растут ли в тех местах где они выпали ,покажет время !

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