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3Pcs Acrylic Nail Art UV Gel 3D Tips Builder Manicure Glue

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Quantity: 3Pcs Nail art UV Gel
Color: White / Pink / Clear

Package included:
1 X White UV Gel
1 X Pink UV Gel
1 X Clear UV Gel

Apply a thin coat of gel beginning in the center of the nail by a brush just like polish application.
Be sure the brush hairs do not fan out.
Tiny craters will cause if not enough gel left on the nail plate to allow for shrinkage during cure.
Do not over-work the gel as this will result in air bubbles or an uneven cure.
Check the cuticle and side wall lines to be certain that no gel is touching the skin.
You should leave a tiny margin all around the cuticle and sidewall line.
Place the nails under the UV light for a full 3 minutes to completely cure the gel.
Apply a second coating of gel and cure for 3 minutes.
Clean the nails with a lint-free nail wipe saturated with the cleanser to remove the sticky uncured layer.

Reviews (77)
  • imis***so 3 months ago

    good product and price. Thanks!!!

  • Nail***rt 4 months ago
    2nd time ordering

    We have used these gels before and was happy so we ordered more (this time double as there is not huge amount of product in jars and was three of us using it!). The pink is transparent and very subtle which is a plus as I ran out of clear and just used pink without drama. However, I am now on hunt for a more opaque natural pink as I would like to try french polish effect with extended nail bed rather than where mine is naturally and the pink in this set is transparent and would not hide my natural nail bed line. The white to set needs longer cure time (at least it did for me and my 15yo UV lamp lol)) which is perhaps due to the pigments, it is an opaque white as well as age of my cure lamp. Value for money and no complaints as these gels are easy to use even for non professionals. Perfectly clear, solid white and subtle transparent pink A++++ Good quality, good price, good packaging and delivery (paid for the 6-9days faster delivery+ tracking/insurance as I ordered other items, it was good value postage costs imo to have delivered to Australia). Twice ordered, twice arrived perfectly, highly recommended!

  • vasi***ki 4 months ago
    nail gel

    just perfect!!!!!!thank you

  • anas***a* 4 months ago
    very good product

    although the white gel is a difficult to use I figure that it needs more curing time

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