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110V -120V Paraffin Wax Therapy Treatment Machine Heating Warmer Hand Foot Skin Care Spa US Plug

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Item Type: Wax Warmer
Working Voltage/Frequency: AC(110-120V / 60Hz)
Power Rating: 265W
Size: Outsize: App 30.7*24.4*15cm
         Inside: App 13.2*9.2*9.5cm
Maximum Temperature: 75°C
Color: Pink
Weight: App 853g
Plug:US plug

Adapter: We will ship a free plug Adaptor ( not volt convert) according to different country. 

Package Included:
1 X Wax Warmer

Using Method:
Paraffin wax treatment
1. Put the machine into the flat desk;
2. Open the lid, put the paraffin wax into the machine, then close the lid;
3. Connected to the power, push the bottom switch into 2. The light turn red, the machine start to work;
4. Push the bottom switch into 1 to  heat preservation when the paraffin wax is melted.
5. Cleaning the skin before the treatment;
6. Using the brush evenly daub on the paraffin wax to the sky; after the paraffin wax is drying, tear the wax lightly;
7. Using the special cleanser clean the residual wax in the machine after use.

Please reading the instruction book before use the machine.