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Hip Lift Up Buttock Enlargement Massage Cream Buttocks Enhancement Butt Firming Cream

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Item Type: Butt Enlargement Massage Cream
Capacity: 150ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Ingredients:
water, osmanthus pure dew, sweet almond oil, hydrogenated poly decanoic, squalane, sodium stearoyl whey protein, marine collagen, pueraria extract, North America, hamamelis extract, glycerol stearate, citric acid, arbutin, sodium benzoate.

Product Efficacy:
Lift firming hip skin, tighten sagging ascend upward to sit is printed black pigment whiten nourish, desalination orange peel lines, smooth the chicken skin, improve hip is flabby, sagging, the problem such as flat, a beautiful round ass Ascension woman flavour Improve temperament.

After skin cleaning, apply proper amount to the PP, massage tyra to micro heat absorption, use two or more every day.

Packge Included:
1 X Butt Enlargement Massage Cream

Отзывы (11)
  • Jack***on 1 год назад
    My wife is crazy about this product. Thank you.

    Fast delivery, good packaging. My wife try it for two weeks, it is very useful. She is crazy about this product. Thank you.

  • evye***ed 1 год назад
    super buenala recomiendo!! No solo tonificatiene efecto reductor de grasa!

    estilizacorrige y acomoda la siluetame hace lucir tonificada y con mas forma. Cambios muy notables!

  • evye***ed 1 год назад
    crema efectiva! la recomiendomuy buena

    tremenda! cambios notables! La volvere a ordenar! levantadefine y estiliza. me hace lucir mas delgada.

  • Sola***ge 6 месяцев назад
    Bom atendimento

    A entrega foi rápida. O produto achei a embalagem pequena...

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