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 Модальные Магнитотерапия U Выпуклые мешок Боксеры Антибактериальный Здоровье Нижнее белье для мужчин

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Q:What is magnetotherapy antibacterial underwear ?
A: It is a new type of healthcare underwear.
Q: What is the function of it ?
A: Increase the nerve conduction velocity and the ability of muscle contraction.
    Relax your muscles, and eliminate the accumulation of body fatigue
    and aging of lactic acid, other waste material and ease pain etc !

Other Function:
1. Prolong time of the sexual life.
2. Magnetic particles release energy.
3. Improved sleep quality.
4. Enhance the function of immune system,
   strengthen the body resistance.
5. Improve the body's oxygen content,
    supplement the body's mineral elements.

Item Type:Boxers              
Material: 95%Polyester+5%Spandex
Bottom Crotch Lining: Modal
Waist Type: Middle Waist
Design Features: U Convex, Magnetic Particles
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Color: Black, Red, Royal Blue, Coffee

Package included:

  • Таблица размеров
  • Диаграмма размера преобразования
  • Дюймов
  • сантиметров
Метка Размер LC_SIZE_WAIST
L 25.9-30.7
XL 30.3-33.0
2XL 30.3-37.0
3XL 37.0-42.5
Метка Размер LC_SIZE_WAIST
L 65.79-77.98
XL 76.96-83.82
2XL 76.96-93.98
3XL 93.98-107.95
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    Good Magnetotherapy Healthcare Underwear

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