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С капюшоном Большой размер Тонкий повседневные куртки Верхняя одежда

US$23.53 US$45.25

Только 100+ единиц, корабли в течение 1 рабочего дня.



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[Скидки] С капюшоном Большой размер Тонкий повседневные куртки Верхняя одежда

Только 100+ единиц, корабли в течение 1 рабочего дня.
US$23.53 US$45.25(48% off)
Выбрать: цвет & размер
Материал: хлопок + полиэстер
Стиль: Повседневный
Тип картины: Твердо
Воротник: с капюшоном

Пакет включено:
1 * Пальто

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Метка Размер Бюст длина Длина Рукава
S(155/80A) 43.3 29.5 26
M(160/84A) 45.3 29.9 26.8
L(165/92A) 47.2 30.3 27.2
XL(170/92A) 49.2 30.7 27.6
2XL(175/96A) 51.2 30.7 28.3
3XL(180/100A) 53.1 31.1 28.7
4XL(185/104A) 55.1 31.5 29.5
5XL(190/108A) 57.1 31.9 29.9
Метка Размер Бюст длина Длина Рукава
S(155/80A) 109.98 74.93 66.04
M(160/84A) 115.06 75.95 68.07
L(165/92A) 119.89 76.96 69.09
XL(170/92A) 124.97 77.98 70.1
2XL(175/96A) 130.05 77.98 71.88
3XL(180/100A) 134.87 78.99 72.9
4XL(185/104A) 139.95 80.01 74.93
5XL(190/108A) 145.03 81.03 75.95
Пункт измерения:
Мы настоятельно рекомендуем вам есть ваши измерений , прежде чем разместить заказ .

Отказ от ответственности:
О размере : Размер может быть 2 см / 1 дюйм неточность в связи с руки measure.These измерения предназначены в качестве руководства , чтобы помочь вам выбрать правильный размер .
О Цвет : Точная цвет предметов может варьироваться в зависимости от конкретного монитора , настройки и освещения климатических и погодных условиях , изображенных цветов вещи должны использоваться только в качестве приблизительного ориентира.
  • jr-a***ut 1 год назад
    Get a bigger size

    This is a great hoodie and it feels extremely nice but go up a size. I usually wear a medium so I ordered a large and it fits perfectly.

  • chao***os 1 год назад
    Size: XXL ..short sleeves

    I like the fact the zip goes all the way up and over your face, I found that to be kinda fun. Not overly fund of the material its made out of but hey, ho. kinda wished it was reversible because i prefer the grey lining. i think i would have been okay with the material if the sleeves were longer than what they are, have to roll them up for them to look okay.

  • amel***wn 1 год назад
    Nice jacket but take a bigger size

    I received the jacket yesterday and got really excited. It looked very good at first view. But there are some shortcomings when wearing it. But I'll begin with the positive aspects. I like the material of the black part. It's something between cotton and rain jacket like fabric. Feels extremly good. The zipper works perfectly and overall the quality is quite good. But sadly it doesn't fit as nice as it should because the jacket is a little bit too small. I measured myself out and took the size listed but it seems not to work out. So be sure and take a size bigger when ordering. I still can wear the jacket tho. It's just not as baggy as I would have prefered it. And the sleeves are a little bit short and look better when rolled up. Still I'm very happy with the product because the price is incredibly low for this kind of quality.

  • Dais***sy ек месяцев назад
    You get what you pay for. Awful customer service.

    The Jacket is just okay not bad for the price I guess. My problem is that it said if you like you jacket loose to order one size larger than what you wear, which I did. I normally wear a Medium so ordered a Large. The jacket I received was an X-Large. It was huge on me. I am only 5 Feet tall and it came to my knees. I chatted with someone who told me I should pay more attention to what I order and wouldn't acknowledge that they had sent the wrong size. I asked if I could return it to the California USA warehouse and he told me I would have to return it to China and would have to pay the shipping. I really wanted to just exchange it but I am sure by the time I paid shipping to China I could have bought a much nicer jacket. I do most of my shopping online and will not return to this site to shop. I will not recommend them either. From the look of this jacket and the photos of their other clothing I tend to believe they have kind of cheap stuff and I know they don't want to take anything back by the way I was treated. If you decide to shop here good luck.

    Army Green
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