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[] Мультфильм Симпатичные женщины яйцом пашот сумка

US$4.45 US$8.40(47% off)
Материалискусственная кожа
Подробная РазмерДлина 24.3cm (9.56 ')
Ширина 21см (8,26 ')
плечо ремешок
О 110см ( 43.3)
Открытый методМолния

В пакет включено:
1 * а €€ сумка

  • NC37***19 LR_REVIEW_TIME_TIPS_51

    Really love this! A perfect little bag. Maybe a little smaller than you might expect, but definitely not a problem.

  • Exor***um LR_REVIEW_TIME_TIPS_51

    Its a very nice bag for the price. mine only had a few frays here and there but other than that perfect!!

  • Kat.***.M LR_REVIEW_TIME_TIPS_51
    Cute bute not good strap

    Great egg, just toss the strap though, mine was horribly dented and I think it would have snapped under any pressure. Very cute purse though! I suggest replacing the strap with a nice chain.

  • Juli***gg LR_REVIEW_TIME_TIPS_51
    Cute, but fell apart.

    I bought this and got it right before I left on vacation. The white vinyl got stained from my pants and both straps became unsewn from the hardware. One of the clips also broke entirely, and I had to resew the strap onto the bag itself instead of the clip. It's cute!! Just not the best quality.