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Женщины Multi-карман сумки нейлон водонепроницаемый Легкие мешки плеча Crossbody Сумки

US$13.27 US$25.36(48% off)
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Материал: нейлон
Материал подкладки: полиэстер
Цвет: черный , Синий, Watermellon красный, розовый красный, фиолетовый, бордовый, черный, Голубое озеро, небо Blue,Gray,Green
Structure:Main Карманный, передний карман, на молнии карман
Закрытие: застежка-молния
Пакет включает:
1 * сумка

  • pips***ar LR_REVIEW_TIME_TIPS_51
    great little bag

    great little bag n good quality


    I really liked the look of these bags and a good price. The bags were ordered in August and checking my statement the money was taken in Sept. I expected a slight delay but unfortunately by the middle of September no bags had been delivered. After several emails to the company i was told the order was in shipping and if by the end of September the goods had not been received i was to contact them again. One bag arrived the other never arrived and was credited. The bag itself is an ideal size and the colour is really great, pockets are of various sizes and the zips are really sturdy. Its an ideal bag just for carrying a few things in if out walking. The long delay and money being taken well before goods were delivered and bag missing was a sore point.

    Sky Blue
  • lit*** LR_REVIEW_TIME_TIPS_51

    I got my bag thank you