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Женщины Lattice Crossbody сумка Бизнес Дорожная сумка площади сумки на ремне

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Тип элемента: Crossbody сумка
Цвет: фиолетовый, синий, черный, красный цвет Роза, кофе
Вес: 370г
Высота :18cm(7.09')

Модель: Сплошной
Внутренний карман: основной карман, на молнии карман, карта карман, телефон карман
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  • jacq***46 LR_REVIEW_TIME_TIPS_51
    Purple bag

    This is about the cutest bag I have purchased from your company. This one is so cute and just the right size for carrying thing that are not to big. It will be just perfect for a wallet and lipstick and a little more and for me at my age I don't need a lot of stuff to carry. I just think this is very compact. Thank you very much and it didn't take forever to get here either.