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ROLANJONA Алоэ Угри удаление рубцов крем анти-акне мазь против Dark Болезненность Штукатурка

На складе, как правило, отправляется в 1 рабочий день
US$3.32 US$6.15(46% off)
Net Content: 30g
Shelf Life: 2 years
Compositions: Contains the natural aloe extracts, high purity ferment, hamamelis mollis of North US, salicylic acid, transparent quality acid, lactic acid.

Package Included:
1 X Golden Aloe Acne-dispelling Cream

Usage: Clean the face, scribble the Acne Glue Cream on the affected part after dry, its effect is obviously if scribble it many times every day.

1. Some special skin produces swollen suppuration because its metabolism is bad itself, this product can improve the face according to the different personal state.
2. If suppurates, please blot the suppuration liquid with the clean cotton first, make it discharge, its effect is better to spread one more of the product.

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