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Большой размер Pu Pure Color Soft Sole дышащий вскользь Узелок плоские туфли для женщин

US$16.56 US$30.76

На складе, корабли в течение 1 рабочего дня.



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Женская обувь

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Our Size US/CA UK AU Japan Mexico Russia/ Ukraine Foot Length
inch cm
36 5 2.5 3.5 22   33.5 8.8-9.0 22.4-22.8
37 6 3.5 4.5 23   34.5 9.0-9.2 22.8-23.3
38 7 4.5 5.5 24   35.5 9.2-9.4 23.3-23.8
39 8 5.5 6.5 25 5 36.5 9.4-9.6 23.8-24.3
40 9 6.5 7.5 26 6 37.5 9.6-9.8 24.3-24.8
41 10 7.5 8.5 27 7 38.5 9.8-10.0 24.8-25.3
42 11 8.5 9.5 28 8 39.5 10.0-10.2 25.3-25.8
43 12 9.5 10.5 29 9   10.2-10.4 25.8-26.3
44 13 10.5 11.5 30 10   10.4-10.6 26.3-27.8
45 14 11.5 12.5 31 11   10.6-10.8 27.8-28.3
46 15 12.5 13.5 32 12   10.8-11.0 28.3-28.8
47 16 13.5 14.5 33 13   11.0-11.2 28.8-29.3
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Большой размер Pu Pure Color Soft Sole дышащий вскользь Узелок плоские туфли для женщин

US$16.56 US$30.76
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не Марка: нет

Чистка Тип: плоские туфли
Toe Тип:Круглый Toe
Тип закрытия: Lace Up
каблука Тип:Плоский
Высота каблука: 1.5cm
Пол: Женский
Сезон: Весна,Лето, Осень
Цвет:голубой, белый, Army Green , Красный,
Кофе, розовый, желтый, светло-желтый

Верхний материал: Pu
подошва Материал: Резина

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1 * пара обуви ( без коробки)

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flat shoes
Отзывы (90)
  • NC14***66 4 недель назад

    They took forever to arrived but they are cute.. I measure my foot, I usually take a size 8 but I order a 9 they are just fine I should go a little smaller because they are leather and they will stretch.. but they are super comfy and pretty

    Army Green
  • mom3***90 7 месяцев назад
    So Very Pleased

    I paid attention to the reviews and ordered a size up from my normal size 8. I put them right on when they arrived and went to run errands. They fit perfect, they feel wonderful and the color is a true red. And, they look really cute on my feet. I would say that if you are a true size 8, a size 9 may be a little big; I am an 8-81/2 and the nine fits me perfect. My toes go right to the end but in a comfortable way; the shoes are so soft that I feel they would slip on the heel if you had much toe room. I plan to order more!

  • cris***sp 9 месяцев назад
    leather flats

    Lovely shoes, very comfortable and nice quality for the price. I chose red, which I'm very pleased with and will probably by some more come payday. The only downside is you can't get a in between size. I bought a size 8 which is a 5 and a half as the 7 is 4 and a half(too small) and I would like a 5.(English size) But overall very happy.

  • Soni***ic 10 месяцев назад
    Really good buy!

    These caught my eye on an ad on Facebook. I usually ignore such things as I expect them to be dodgy in some way, and I never buy shoes online because with my narrow feet I need to try them on... and I always end up with something that fastens (lace ups, straps) to stop them slopping off the backs of my heels. So I ordered these online, without trying them, from China (I think), in a US size (I am in UK), and they are slip-ons. I was taken with the design of the shoe backs, the way they lean inwards, which just might keep them on my feet! THEN I read the reviews about newchic and nearly every comment had the word 'problem' in it. I thought I'd made a big mistake but at least I'd only risked £15. I couldn't have been more delighted when my shoes arrived within 10 days (not bad, I'd say) and they are absolutely gorgeous. The slanting heels do keep them on and they are SO comfortable, it's like wearing slippers. They are a deeper shade of sky blue than the picture but still a lovely colour, they go great with jeans. They are well made, good quality soft leather, and a bargain at the price. Now I'm on their web site looking for another similar pair and will have no hesitation ordering from newchic again.

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