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Открытый Спорт Вождение Кожа PU сетки Перчатки Сенсорный экран Skidproof ветрозащитные варежки

Обычно отправлена ​​в 6-9 рабочих дней
US$9.74 US$17.71(45% off)
Select: Color & Size
Material: Artificial Leather+Coral Fleece Linen
Colors: Black
Pattern: Adjustable, Driving, Cycling
Features: Windproof, Magic Tape, Skidproof
Season: Autumn, Winter, Spring
Weight: 200g

Size: One Size Fits Most (Good Elasticity)
The Length: 23.5cm(9.25'' ) (The Distance Between The Middle Finger To The Wristline)
The Width: 9.5cm (3.74'')


Package Included: 1 Pair Of Driving Gloves

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