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Kemei KM-028 110-220V LCD 3 Электрические регулирование температуры Бочки для завивки волос Роликовые

Обычно отправлена ​​в 6-9 рабочих дней
US$32.90 US$62.08(47% off)
Brand: KEMEI
Model: KM-028
Power: 45W-65W
Material: Aluminum + Ceramic
Colour: Pink, White (Send By Random)
Weight: About 830g
Plug Adapter: We will send you a plug adapter according to your living country.

Package Included:
1 X Hair Curler

1 X English Manual

  • Star***ha 1 год назад

    This shipped on Feb. 11th and I received it on March 4th (shipped to the USA) The Kemei is awesome and I can't wait until I get the hang of it. ‪I ‎Love‬ love love the look! ‪It is perfect‬ for ‪summer. ‬ It is very easy to use, I did find that you have to be careful while holding it because I did turn it off a couple of times while using it. This is probably just because it's new and I haven't gotten use to it yet. But just something to think about while using. I used small sections of hair and clamped the Kemei down for about 15 seconds and then moved the Kemei down the length of my hair and repeated. I recommend this! I want to mention though that the product says that it will come with an "adapter according to your living country" The adapter was not included in my package, but after contacting support they sent one out to me. So all is good now!

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