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[] Женщины Черный Крокодил зерна сумки

US$8.58 US$15.89(46% off)
МатериалPU Кожа
ПодкладкаОбыкновенное Подкладка
Детальный размерДлина 32.3cm (12.72 ")
Ширина 11 см (4,33 ")
Высота 30.5 см (12.01 ")
Открытый методOpen

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  • Dian***ne LR_REVIEW_TIME_TIPS_6
    Womens Tote serves as an okay handbag

    Was smaller than I expected. But not a bad tote. You can tell it is not real leather. I do like that you can zipper it shut. Has several compartments inside that you can out a cell phone, makeup. There is a zipper compartment inside.