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[Скидки] Фиолетовый сплав Кристалл комплект ювелирных изделий

Только единиц, корабли в течение 3 рабочих дней.
US$5.98 US$11.50(48% off)
Стиль: Elegant
Материал: сплав, горный хрусталь, кристалл
Цвет: фиолетовый
ожерелье Размер: около 1,0 х 2.5cm
серьги Размер: 1,0 х 2.0cm
Длина браслета: о 20.5cm
Вес: около 36g

Комплект поставки:
1 X комплект ювелирных изделий

Necklace Size Tips:
1. According to the description product, you can roughly get feeling of wearing the necklace refer to all the size pictured on the right.
2. The place we show in the picture is just for reference only.
3. Different height and weight shows different effect.
Reviews (35)
  • Dodg***ss 1 год назад
    Looks good

    It looks better then how it feels, great for dress jewelry, arrived broken but I could fix it. Great value, if you lost it you would not care. Not happy with the delivery service, it arrived a month after I ordered it.

  • sydo***na ек месяцев назад

    This jewelry set is beautiful. Good quality, looks good and look far more expensive than the price.

  • Soph***ie 1 год назад

    its better lookng in person than online. love the bracelet the best and you cannot beat the price

  • ioan***on 1 год назад
    Recive it

    Very nice,looks a lot more expensive in reality.I Love it

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