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16 Яркие светодиодные лампы Прямоугольный Тщеславие зеркало для макияжа Cordless беспроводной портативный

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Production Name: LED Cosmetic Mirror
Product Type: MR-L206
Color: Black, White
Material: Green Plastic
Weight: App 575g
Product Specifications: 255x185x30mm
Battery Type: 5AA battery x 4
Package Included:
1 X LED Cosmetic Mirror
Step 1: Turn on/off the light
1.Turn on the main switch on the back of LED Cosmetic Mirror
2.Touch the front touch switch roundLights can be lit
3.Finished using the touch once again to turn off the front circular touch switch
4.In order to save electricity is not even the best switch on the back close together
Step 2: Adjust the light
1.Turin on the light, long press the front circular touch switches the light intensity increases
2.Long press again to the front  circular touch switch reduces light levels
3.Touch the front circular touch switch is closed
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