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[зазор] 110V Electric Nail Drill Kit Набор Профессиональный станок для маникюра Педикюрные инструменты

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US$24.93 US$47.04(47% off)
Color: White
Type: Nail Drill Kit
Voltage:110V 60Hz (Please cheack whether the voltage is suitable for your country.)
Power: 10W
Collect: 2.35mm(3/32”)
Rated Speed: 14000 rpm max
Weight: App 934g
Package Box Size: App 25cm x 14.5cm x 6.5cm

Package Included:
1 X Power box
1 X Quick-Change Handpiece
1 X Handpiece Cradle
6 X Bits and Shaft

How to use:
1. Insert the handpiece flex plug into the power output socket on the main control machine;
2. Loose the chuck by left-turning the middle part on the hand-piece and insert/ change the Bit and tighten the chuck by right-turning
the Middle part on the hand-piece;
3. Plug the controller into appropriate power source.
4. Choose the mode “FORWARD”or “REVERSE”direction, and then switch to “ON” position to start the machine.
5. Select the speed level that you need by sliding the speed control handle.

1. Please use the correct power source voltage.
2. Please start to use after the collect is fixed well.
3. Please stop the machine once any abnormal movement /nolse is noted during opperation.
4. Please adjust the speed gradually, not abruptly.
5. Please do not touch any rotating part when the machine is working.
6. Please stop the machine at first to change the direction.
7. Please do not place a cloth or anything else on the ventilation sides of controller,and keep the dust away from it.
8. Please keep the plug out from the power supply after stop the machine. 

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