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Двойной сверла ногтя Насадки щетка для очистки очистки шлифовальные ленты машина Clean Tool

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Item Type: Drill Bits Cleaner 
Color: Rose Red
Package Size: App 63*62*58mm
Weight: App 40g
Function: Clean the Nail Drill Bit Quickly and Cleanly
Soft Brush: Dupont Nylon (The material as the toothbrush head)
Hand Brush: Metal
Usage: Cleaning the nail drill bit of nail drill machine Quickly and Conveniently

Package Included:
1 X Nail Drill Bit Cleaning Brush Box

How to use:
Open the Electric Nail Drill Machine,to make the nail drill bit rotate. 
Make the nail drill bit come near the brush,then let them rub.
Finally, the  nail drill bit is clean.

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