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[Скидки] Урожай Ловец снов Кулон ожерелье цепь

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Стиль: Урожай
Тип: Ловец снов ожерелье
Материал: сплав, бисер
Цвет: Античное серебро
Длина: Около 61 + 5.0cm
Кулон Размер: Около 7,5 х 2,5 см
Вес: О 15g

Комплект поставки:
1 X ожерелье
Necklace Size Tips:
1. According to the description product, you can roughly get feeling of wearing the necklace refer to all the size pictured on the right.
2. The place we show in the picture is just for reference only.
3. Different height and weight shows different effect.
Reviews (3)
  • Bjar***82 ек месяцев назад
    Verry satisfied

    Verry satisfied

  • Cybe***er ек месяцев назад
    Cool little thing

    Excellent quality, fine price, very fast delivery.

  • Kath***ne ек месяцев назад
    Dream catcher pendant.

    Very pretty & eyecatching. A good size on a longish chain, can be worn without having to undo the chain. Perfect for the recipient, who has dexterity issues. I may have to purchase one for myself.

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