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Размер ожерелья Советы:
1. Согласно описанию продукта, вы можете получить примерно чувство носить ожерелье относятся ко всему размеру изображенные справа.
2. Место, где мы показываем на картинке только для справки только.
3. Различные рост и вес показывает различный эффект.

Китайский узел Красный Бирюзовый Shell цветок Короткие ожерелье

US$6.60 US$12.22

Руководство по размеру
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Стиль: Этническая
Материал: Веревка, сплав, Shell, Красный Бирюзовый
Цвет: красный
Размер: Около 60 см (регулируемый)
Вес: около 20 г

Комплект поставки:
1 X ожерелье
Отзывы (2)
  • Cind***dy 4 недель назад

    This is such a darling hand-made necklace I ordered to go with my beautiful embroidered Asian shoe collection. When I received it, I had difficulty figuring out how to secure it around my neck, but Customer Service Support was very gracious to explain that the loop at the end of the necklace rope goes around the knot which makes sense. I have to giggle, I didn't see the cleverness in this design. I like that this necklace is not symmetric, but unbalanced on one side with detail.

  • Cind***dy 11 месяцев назад
    Different Style Fashion Necklace

    I ordered this lovely Red Chinese necklace and did not understand how to fasten it because of no clasp or fastener because it was a different style. I contacted Newchic Customer Service for assistance and they responded immediately and were very helpful in sending images to clearly explain how to put the loop over a knot to connect the necklace sides. A big shout out and thanks to Setlla who worked with me so kindly!

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