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Луна Полые Сердце Luminous ожерелье

US$3.69 US$6.96

На складе, доставка в течение 3-х рабочих дней.



Луна Полые Сердце Luminous ожерелье

На складе, доставка в течение 3-х рабочих дней.
US$3.69 US$6.96(47% off)
Выбрать: цвет & размер
Стиль: Модный
Тип: Luminous ожерелье
Материал: сплав
Цвет: светло-голубой, синий, фиолетовый, зеленый
цепь Периметр: около 50 см / 19.68 "
Вес: О 13g

Комплект поставки:
1 X ожерелье

Necklace Size Tips:
1. According to the description product, you can roughly get feeling of wearing the necklace refer to all the size pictured on the right.
2. The place we show in the picture is just for reference only.
3. Different height and weight shows different effect.
Reviews (6)
  • jesu***42 ек месяцев назад


  • bil*** ек месяцев назад

    :) :)

  • Jess***au ек месяцев назад

    Looks very nice and fits fine, even though I am a little bit on the large side. I was slightly disappointed by the lime green color - in the photo, it looks like a nice turquoise/teal sort of color, but in person, it's more of a light, acidic yellow-green (although the glow is only noticeable sometimes anyhow.) It's also kind of fragile, which is my main complaint. I accidentally broke my first one (on another piece of jewelry, no less) within a few weeks of getting it, so I'm ordering another to see if it lasts longer. Can't complain about the quality for the price, though.

  • woss***r1 ек месяцев назад

    Seems nice, but doesn't seem to actually glow in the dark...

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