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[Скидки] Сплав Симпатичные Кристалл Panda ожерелье

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Стиль: Корея
Материал: сплав
шаблон: Panda
Установка: Кристалл;
Цвет: Как выставка изображения
Circumferece: О 72см
Расширение: О 10см
Panda Размер: Около 3,5 х 2.6cm
Вес: О 15g

Комплект поставки:
1 х Кристалл панда ожерелье свитера

Necklace Size Tips:
1. According to the description product, you can roughly get feeling of wearing the necklace refer to all the size pictured on the right.
2. The place we show in the picture is just for reference only.
3. Different height and weight shows different effect.
Reviews (6)
  • Arma***dt ек месяцев назад
    Loved this

    As an inside thing between my girlfriend and I, we absolutely love pandas. So I got her this just as a random little act of love. It looks good, feels like it would last and more importantly, she loved it. Really cute random gift or nice birthday gift for a little girl,

  • Smuk***im ек месяцев назад
    Very cute - made my niece happy

    This is a nice choice for a young child, who will appreciate both the cure bear, and all the pretty sparkles.

  • Peet***er ек месяцев назад
    it is beautiful

    It is as beautiful as the picture on the top

  • Nico***ne 1 год назад
    Bueno, un bonito panda para ocupar ocacionalmente

    la cadena no es de maxima calidad,pero cumple con su funcion, ésta puede ser reemplazada si se desea.

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