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Стимпанк Световой Сердце ожерелье

US$3.63 US$7.12

Только единиц, корабли в течение 3 рабочих дней.



[Скидки] Стимпанк Световой Сердце ожерелье

Только единиц, корабли в течение 3 рабочих дней.
US$3.63 US$7.12(49% off)
Выбрать: цвет & размер
Стиль: Винтаж
Материал: Сплав
Цвет: Brozne, серебро
Длина цепи:Как изображение шоу.
Подвеска Длина: Как изображение шоу
. Вес: App 10g

Пакет включает в себя:
1 X стимпанк Световой ожерелье

Necklace Size Tips:
1. According to the description product, you can roughly get feeling of wearing the necklace refer to all the size pictured on the right.
2. The place we show in the picture is just for reference only.
3. Different height and weight shows different effect.
Reviews (12)
  • Bria***an ек месяцев назад
    decent charm

    looks cool glows in the dark would look better if finish was a less shiny

  • dimi***56 ек месяцев назад
    Steampunk Luminous Necklace Heart

    Watch out how you open it! it breaks too easy even if you take care of it! good value for money!

  • TMac***c3 ек месяцев назад

    Very nice pendant, glows in the dark beautifully! The chain is a cheap ball clasp style but I didn't buy it for the chain so overall I'm very happy with this or I should say my wife is lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PEG*** ек месяцев назад
    Steampunk Luminous Heart Pendant Necklace

    I think that this necklace is really cute! There's only one problem with it and that is a person needs help with putting it on because the clasp is very small but I don't mind asking for the help. Great price! I love it!

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