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8Pcs бритвенного станка бритвы лезвия Стержни Сменные лезвия 5 слоев

US$15.47 US$30.33
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Материал: сплав
Область применения: 5 слоев лезвий

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5 layers Shaving Razor Shaver Blade Refills Replacement Blade
Отзывы (69)
  • Good***ek 1 год назад
    Dull blade

    These blades are compatible with genuine Gillette blade and have the same appearance, apart from missing Gillette logo. It came packed one by one, each in small plastic bag. The gear has been separated from the actual blade, but it is easy to mount it on and caused no problem to me. The issue is dullness! The blade is significantly less sharp, causing shaving to be painful and worse. I compared the delivered blades with blades bought in Wien from drugstore.

  • *** 1 год назад
    Cheap, but poor shave NOT RECOMMENDED!

    Look like the original that they copy, less the brand name, but the shave on the first one i tried was VERY rough in comparison (am I the only one?). Purchased these as a test, WON'T buy again.

  • Newp***0t 1 год назад
    Did not have any luck with these.

    I bought 8 of these and was hoping for decent shave. I did not expect same quality as Gillette but was hoping for better than what I experienced. First you have to attach the gray mounting clip. Ok. Whatever. But the blades were really bad. I tried three then just threw the rest in the trash. I went back to Gillette. I guess you get what you pay for. Was worth a try but never again.

  • bolg***ik 1 год назад
    Horrible quality blades

    Horrible quality blades. Wasted money. It is impossible to shave. pretty disappointed

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