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Брови для губ подводки для глаз татуировки скотча макияж татуировки Перекрытия инструмент

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US$4.77 US$8.83(46% off)
Item Type: Tattoo Accesories 
Material: Plastic 
Box Size: App 6*6CM
Film Size: 50MM*200M
Weight: App 75g
Type: Tattoo Plastic Wrap 
Package Included:
1 X Box Tattoo Film
How to use and Noted  
Before After Wenxiu apply paste with plastic wrap, the paste will give full play to the effect of, health and safety, the front eyebrow and lip lines and use the middle. 
1. Please operate according to guidance when using Wenxiu division 
2. Note skin coverage 
3. Note the time covered with plastic wrap 
4. To secure the recovery process 
5. Disposable Use.

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