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High Temperature Nail Art Sterilizer Metal Tweezer Scissor Autoclave Disinfection Machine Disinfect

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Item Type
Metal Tools Disinfection Machine Set 
Material Plastic
Color White
Power 100W
Volatage AC 220V-240V(or 110V), 50/60Hz
Top Dia. App 9cm/3.54" (appr.)
Bottom Dia. App 16cm/6.3"(appr.)
Height App 15cm/5.91"(appr.)
Cable Length App 124cm/48.82"(appr.)
Plug EU
Adapter We will send you an adapter according to your living country.
Package Included: 
1 Set X Nail Sterilizer
1 Pack X Glass Ball
1 X English Manual 
1 X Plug Adaptor
1. Only glass ball can be allowed to put into the inner pot of the machine.
2. Any liquid is not allowed to put into the machine.

Operation Approach:
1. Put the appliances into the heated glass ball of this sterilizer, turn on the power.
2. The red light is power light, the green light means heating.
3. When the green light is off, meaning the products temperature equal to the set temperature. When the green light light is on, meaning
the products temperature lower
 than the set temperature and it need to be heated.
4. The process of heating from 0℃ to 250℃ cost 12 minutes. When the temperature is 250℃, it only needs 30 seconds for sterilizing the
and finishing the whole process.


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