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Гель большой палец ортопедии

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Detail Information:
1. 2pcs for left and right foot
3.Specifications:Fit all size
4. Size

4. Color:White
5. Weight: 27g/pc

Notes: Please wash it by hands and air dry.

1.The straighteners gently helps to realign toes and prevent hallux valgus. 
2.Give much needed relief from excruciating bunion pain and cushions the pressure on the other toes.   
3.Flexible design,one size fits all.
4.Washable and reusable, diabetic-friendly.  
5.Super Soft Gel, comfortable to wear.  

Package included:
1 Pair (left and right) Big Toe Bunion Splint

  • foks***ie 1 год назад
    Big Toe correcter

    These silicone big toe correcter can fit with practically all your shoes. They are so soft and comfortable.

  • cris***s1 ек недель назад

    They work perfectly.

  • Debb***by ек недель назад

    Thank you, these were great, very comfortable!! I am going to buy more.

  • giov***ni ек месяцев назад
    ho risolto il mio problema al piede

    Questo accessorio mi ha cambiato la vita, ho risolto il problema che avevo di callo all'interno delle dita del piede. ho provato varie piedicure, ma dopo mi tornava. Ora metto questo distanziatore e non mi si forma più il calletto, così posso comminare senza dolori. Super consigliato

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