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[зазор] Ткань Открытый Путешествие Чистка сумка

US$2.56 US$4.83(47% off)
Select: Color & Size
Material:   Non-woven
Color:  White / Gray / Beige / Black
Size:19×36cm / 7.5"*14.2"    37.5 X 29.5 cm / 14.8"*11.6"
Package included: 1 X Shoe bag storage
This new Storage Bag is a green product, is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials.
It is very suitable for sport lovers to carry in the open air, it is simple but fashion to own one.
Lightweight woven storage bags, affordable, travel storage home storage are appropriate.
  • neag***le 1 год назад
    Simple Light Weight Shoe Bag

    Each bag will hold 1 shoe. They fit a men's shoe sized EUR 42.5 well and may accommodate up to a EUR 43. These bags are breathable but not waterproof. Simple light weight bag to help protect your shoes and clothing in your suitcase.

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