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Метка Размер Талия длина его
One Size 21.26-30.71 14.17 31.5
Метка Размер Талия длина его
One Size 54-78 35.99 80.01
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[Распродажа] Высокая талия Удалены ремни Sweety плиссированные мини Culotte юбка

US$26.31 US$48.72
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Руководство по размеру
Поделиться :
Стиль: Cute
Материал: полиэстер + шнурок
Длина одежды: Mini
Pattern Type : Пэчворк
приукрашивание: вязание крючком

Пакет включено:    
1 * юбка
Отзывы (8)
  • MoeP***yo 1 год назад
    A bit disapointed

    I really like this skirt, because of its appearance and I was so excited to get it because I especially loved the straps on the skirt. However there was only one strap in the package...its a mystery XP Sadly its a bit to small for me, its perfect on my waist but because I have a bit more but and hips, there was no way to put on the dress with not breaking it, because there is no zip and you cant put it on from top because there are attached pants... I was so excited and now I cant wear it, what a pity :'( But for skinnier and less curved girls, it will be perfect and super cute, even I cant wear it I still recommend because the material is nice and it looks very cute.

  • Rick***en 1 год назад
    Elastic doesn't mean one size fits most

    Regarding the second review, no this will NOT fit into many sizes, only if you're really thin around the hip area. Otherwise it'll be a struggle to get on. It does have a stretchy elastic waist but it only to an extent... There are attached, unremovable shorts underneath the skirt with a lace border around it. Its a GREAT touch since the skirt is really short. Its made of thin, shiny see-through fabric however. The buttons were very detailed and look great. The straps are removable and adjustable. This is a great skirt, but only if you're very thin. It's not friendly for those with any form of thickness. I'm not overweight but this skirt is so small I looked really unflattering in it, so PLEASE beware and don't think you'll fit in it just because it has elastic like I did. If you fit the measurements, by all means, the quality is what you're paying for and the design is cute, go for it!

  • Zola***ey 1 год назад
    cute and fashion

    The skirt looks like in the picture. It might be a little short, but I think it`s okay if you like it to wear mini skirts. The skirt is really flexible on the waist, so it will fit on many sizes. Compared to other clothes from another sites, the quality is for this price very good.

    Подходит, как и ожидалось
  • Cogi***bt 1 год назад

    Has adjustable straps, has shorts underneath the skirt which is nice as the skirt is a mini skirt. The shorts' fabric is quite translucent. The skirt fits perfectly.

    Подходит, как и ожидалось
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