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[зазор] Водонепроницаемый Eagle Череп Временные татуировки наклейки Body Art Съемный

Продано настоящее время !
US$2.29 US$4.24(46% off)
Color: Black
Image: Eagle & Skull
Size: App 18.5 x 11.7cm

Package Included:
1 X Tattoo Sticker

1.Wash The Position Of Body You Want To Stick This Temporary Tattoo.
2.Uncover The Tape Of This Temporary Tattoo.
3.Put The Side Of Sticker With Pattern To Your Skin.
4.Using Wet Cloth Or Something Wet To Press The Sticker.
5.You May Uncover The Sticker To See Whether The Pattern Is Fully Stick On Your Body, If Not Repeat The Step 4.
6.Uncover It And Finish Tattoo.

With Alcohol Swab Or A BB Oil, Will Run A Pattern All Wet, Wipe After 15-20 Seconds, Patterns Can Be Quickly Removed The Tattoo.

  • Rien***sl 1 год назад
    Great tattoo looks real and nice

    This tattoo looks good, almost real, it´s easy to apply and it sticks good.

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