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Pink Removable Ion Anion Comfortable Massage Comb Hair Brush Antistatic Detachable

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Item Type: Antistatic Massage Comb 
Power: 1W
The Power Supply: DC3.7V
Battery Capacity: 300mA
Product Supply: The Lithium Battery&USB
Size: App 45x70x155mm
Net Weight: 65g

Package Included:
1 X 
Antistatic Massage Comb 
Use Method: 
1. The toggle switch to "on" position,light as the blue light instruction,can use at this time.
2. When using comb hair from hair root to hair tip gently. Repeat this step several times,will make your hair more smooth.
3. After use, slide the switch to "off", to close the product.
4. After use, you can use wet cloth clean the comb body. Comb can remove the faucet flush with water.