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Men's Plus Size Nylon Outdoor Phone Bag Mini Cigarette Pendant Package

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Main Material Nylon
Color Black, Khaki,01,02,03
Weight About 250g
Length 13cm(5.12")
WidthHeig 6cm(2.37'')
Height 22cm(8.66'')
Package Included:
1 * Bag
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Reviews (4)
  • ***tafa_yilmaz
    1 year ago
    I liked it.
  • ***dygurdynorseman
    1 year ago
    A very nice bag. Great design construction and workmanship. The opening is fitted with an elastic band that helps keeping the content in place. It can be used for carrying most items ranging from a first aid kit to emergency supplies — even a couple of cans of beer to the BBQ. Highly recommended — I'm ordering a couple more.
  • ***dlight
    1 year ago
    A very useful bag that attaches to your belt via 2 loops. An easy way to carry items that are to large or uncomfortable to fit in trouser pockets. Handy for torches, cameras, mobile phones etc.
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