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15 Pairs Collagen Crystal Eye Mask Anti Wrinkle Bags

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Pack Size:  App 11.5x 8.8cm
Quantity: 15 Pcs

Package Included:
15 X Pcs Eye Mask

How to use:
1. Cleanse and thoroughly dry your face.
2. After opening thre package and peel off the plastic liner,For the best result,use the patches immediately after opening the foil package.
3. Apply the patches as shown,smoonth the patch gently to ensure good contact with the skin.
4. Wear the patches for about 30 minutes or wear the facial make while you sleep.(not more than 12 hours)
5. Remove the patches gently.Do not reuse the patches.

Reviews (24)
  • Dimk***ka 7 months ago
    Collagen eye mask

    I baught it for my wife. She used it only once before going to sleep and following her it works a little on wrinkles but not on eye bags. It was even worse in the morning. Didn't use it in the day time, difficult to say if it's good.

  • Stav***ia 7 months ago
    nice product!

    feels refreshed after the use!

  • Jets***on 8 months ago
    Produkt gegen Tränensäcke

    Beim auflegen spürt man eine Kühlende Wirkung. Bemerke nach 30 Min. eine leichtes Abschwellen, vielleicht sollte man es auf 45 Min. Verlängern.

  • Shar***ri 9 months ago
    collagen crystal eye mask / anti wrinkle bags.

    Did not see a major difference/,was not crazy about the texture so no difference than other major product brands. Guess I just haven;t found the perfect product yet.

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