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Professional False Eyelash Extension Glue Brush Set Tool Box

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Box Size: App 22.9 X 18.8 X 9cm (LxWxH)
Weight: About 1500g

Package Included:
1 X 90Pcs 6mm False Individual Lash Box Set
2 X 90Pcs 8mm False 
Individual Lash Box Set  
2 X 90Pcs 10mm 
False Individual Lash Box Set  
2 X 90Pcs 12mm False Individual Lash Box Set  
1 X 90Pcs 15mm False Individual Lash Box Set  
3 X 7mm 9mm 11mm 13mm 15mm False Eyelash Box Set
1 X 8mm 
False Eyelash Box Set
1 X 10mm False Eyelash Box Set
1 X 12mm False Eyelash Box Set
1 X Tasteless Clean (10ml)
1 X The Silk Gum Element Glues To Match (15ml)
1 X Korea New Generation Eyelash Glue (15ml)
1 X A1 Series-planting Eyelash Clean
1 X Air Pump (For Drying)
1 X Scissors
1 X Brush
2 X Tweezers (One Straight One Curved)
1 X Eyebrow Tweezer
1 X Eyelash Curler With Little Comb
1 X White Eye Stickers
1 X Piece Of Mirror
1 X User Manual
1 X Silver Case
(CD is not included)

Reviews (3)
  • ja88***10 1 year ago
    great product!

    I strongly recommend this product , very good for professionals

  • inna***55 1 year ago
    what a wonderful

    about what a wonderful set and so many things. very handy carrying case

  • Keik***91 1 year ago
    very good product

    It is a very good, professional product! Nice box, with a lot of pieces and hight-quality lashes

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