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Vintage Silver Animal 12 Zodiac Pendant Bracelet

US$4.77 US$9.35 -49%

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Стиль: Винтаж
Тип: 12 Браслет Подвеска Зодиака
Материал:Серебро 925 пробы
Цвет: серебристый
Длина: около 20 см / 7,87 дюйма
Вес: около 20 г

В коплект входит:
1 х Браслет

Пункт измерения:
Мы настоятельно рекомендуем вам определить свой размер перед покупкой. Измерение можно проводить следубщим образом.
1. Из-за ручного измерения может существовать ошбка по 1-5mm
2. Из-за разницы света и экрана цвет элемента может немного отличаться от изображений.
Отзывы (2)
  • ***83307187
    8 месяцев назад
    This was a bargain but for some reason it looks cheap and painted on. I did not like it.
  • ***sie Koh
    1 год назад
    I placed an order for two pieces of this but unfortunately only ONE piece arrived. Could not understand Merchant's logic in sending one piece instead of what was ordered. Sent letter of complaint and was asked to be patient and to wait for the arrival of the other consignment to arrive. Well, I have just received the remaining outstanding items and found that this bracelet has still not been sent out to me. Appreciate if you could kindly look into this and revert with your findings. So far I have been satisfied with the delivery and purchases of items made with the exception that the stitching work on some of the dresses are suspect as they were badly done during the seaming process. As it is a tedious affair having to return this to you for exchange - not to mention the cost to be incurred - I have decided to bite the bullet and get them re-sewn locally. Kind regards Jessie Koh
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