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Мужчины Серебро Запонки механические часы Pattern Запонки свадебный подарок костюм рубашка аксессуары

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Вес: 30г
Пол: Мужской
Материал: Металл
Цвет: Как и в Pictured
Особенности: механические часы
в отдельных случаях: Бизнес-Party, Wedding Party,
Участие, юбилей, церемония

Пакет включено:Один размер
Диаметр: 17мм

2 * запонки

1.Please позволяют 1-3cm ошибка из-за ручного измерения. Пожалуйста, убедитесь, что вы не против, прежде чем ставка
2.The цвета могут иметь разные, как разница дисплея Пожалуйста, обратите внимание

Отзывы (12)
  • Wton***ne 1 год назад
    Unprotected watch movements will not survive use.

    These look fabulous a bit large for cufflinks but it is fine. I just hope they were under glass. There is NOTHING protecting the nice movement from dust and damage. I bought 2 sets will make a bezel and crystal to protect the movement. Even with this need for DIY the price is right.

  • redi***us 1 год назад
    broken :/

    the product is really nice and when the mechanism works its really awesome ! sadly i got one them broken the mechanism was broken its definitely a nice product if you receive the set working perfectly

  • Motz***zi 1 год назад
    A must for mechanical watch enthusiast

    If you do like mechanical watches and also do wear long arm shirts, these cufflinks are just perfect! The movement is fitted nicely in shiny (no scratches!) steel. It is easy to wind up the movement with the tiny knob and the movement really works! The movement is not protected by glass shield against dust and liquid but no gear-wheel or other parts are emerging from the housing and its surface is flat. No problem, even if you tap it with your finger. And hey - you don't wear these cufflinks lying on a sandy beach, will you?

  • Prav***en 4 месяцев назад
    One link not working; newchic not answering

    One of the cuff links was not working when I received it. Lodged a complaint with pics, description and a video to newchic. Now, after more then a month, the status of my complaint still shows as "processing". How much more time do these guys need?

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