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Кристалл позолоченный Симпатичные маленькие черепахи серьги

US$4.84 US$8.80

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Стиль: милый
Тип: Черепаха кристалл серьги
Материал: сплав , Crystal
Покрытие: Позолоченные
Цвет: золото
Размер: около 1,6 х 2,5 см
Вес: 10g О
Пакет включает:
1 X Серьги

Отзывы (12)
  • NC92***61 2 месяцев назад

    good and beautiful

  • fadi***he 5 месяцев назад

    it is cute but I receive one of them it broken.

  • rich***rd 12 месяцев назад
    Weirdly pretty

    Strangely my wife really likes these odd (bog eyed) turtles

  • Noko***er 1 год назад
    Incredibly cute. Backings suck.

    I have had the same issue consistently with all earrings from this website; the dang backings are too loose or fall off. This is easily remedied, thankfully, since spare backings are about two dollars for a hundred or so. These sparkly little jewels quickly became a favorite of my mother, though I made sure to put different backings on them before giving them to her since the ones that came with them were so loose. Dear newchic: Please put more secure backings on your earrings by default. I am sure myself and anyone else would be more than happy to pay the extra fifteen cents or so it costs for better earring backings to avoid the extra hassle of having to go out and buy backings ourselves. Thanks!

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