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[Распродажа] Улитка питания Эссенция Спящая маска Ремонт Увлажняющий отбеливающий 75г

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Тип предмета: Спящая маска
Основные ингредиенты: Жидкость для улиток, Prunus Armeniaca, Avocado, Rose Rugosa и т. Д.
Вес: около 75 г
В пакет включено:
1 X Snail Sleeping Mask

1. Реальный цвет элемента может немного отличаться от изображений, показанных на веб-сайте, вызванных многими факторами, такими как яркость монитора
И яркость света.
2. Пожалуйста, допустите небольшое отклонение данных измерений.

Snail Nutrition Essence Sleeping Mask Repair Moisturizing Whitening
Пункт измерения:
Мы настоятельно рекомендуем вам определить свой размер перед покупкой. Измерение можно проводить следубщим образом.
Отзывы (3)
  • ***apsx 1 год назад
    Impressions and First Week of Use

    Received my product little bit ago after a speedy (in my opinion) delivery and upon first use I am impressed. The consistency, smell and feel of the product is quite refreshing. I use this at night, after washing my face, and my skin feels amazing afterwards and in the morning, a lot cleaner than how I was feeling using my previous moisturizing cream. Would recommend to others.

  • ***lwolf 1 год назад
    Great product

    Great product, the cream works well, good price

  • ***sia 1 год назад
    Overall great purchase!

    Here are my first impression of the product: 1. Cream was shipped well within the deadline seller promised (to Hungary). 2. It was very carefully packaged so the item arrived in perfect condition without a scratch. 3. Item looked exactly as described on this page. First use: The consistency, color and smell of the product is really good, a small amount of it is enough for the whole face and upper neck area. The consistency is jelly-like at first then gets a bit more watery as you massage it in. It's been an hour since I put on this cream and my face feels smoother and more hydrated, my tone is evened out a bit (I think this feature will get better with regular use). My skin feels very light - no sticky feeling, no strong smell left over from the cream, it is completely absorbed. When you read this review please mind that I'm a 26 year old white woman who has dry skin which is occasionally prone to getting zits. If you're a woman of color, this product might leave you look a bit washed out so if you want to use it on bronze or black skin you might want to reconsider.

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