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Таблетки бутылки Контейнер алюминиевый брелок

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Тип объекта: Pill Box Брелок
Материал: алюминиевый
Цвет: красный, черный, серебристый, синий, желтый , Зеленый (Прислал случайным)
Форма: цилиндр в форме
Размер: приложение 48 х 16 мм
Вес: 11g

Пакет включено:
1 X Pill Box Брелок



Отзывы (33)
  • Gora***ki 1 год назад
    Pill Shaped Keychain BY G.H

    I love.this thing because you can gather all sorts og things in it and it will never get wet. If youre collecting research chemicals for self study, these are nice to carry them in out and about. You can even lay it in the sinkfor 24 hours.

  • sher***ri 1 год назад
    Pill holder

    This is the right size for me it fits well on my key chain and that keeps my medication close when out on the town.

  • Reco***on 1 год назад
    Great item

    A must have Pill Box. If you need medicine for example Blood pressure Betablocker or others it is good to have on your Keyholder so you have it always in emergency by you. It was often the case that I was need medicine and did not found it or forgot to take it with me. Since I have this pill box this problem is solved for less than a dollar.

  • vare***ux 1 год назад
    Great for pills ..

    I carry my pain killers on it .. and it is so perfect .. !!!!!!!

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