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Размер ожерелья Советы:
1. Согласно описанию продукта, вы можете получить примерно чувство носить ожерелье относятся ко всему размеру изображенные справа.
2. Место, где мы показываем на картинке только для справки только.
3. Различные рост и вес показывает различный эффект.

[Распродажа] Легион Знак Recon Корпуса ожерелье

US$3.40 US$6.67

Руководство по размеру
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Стиль: Punk
Материал: Металл
Подвеска Размер: 3,1 х 4 см
Длина каната: О 50см
Цвет: В картине шоу
Вес: О 20g
Пакет включает:
1шт х ожерелье

Отзывы (4)
  • Amin***93 1 год назад
    Lovely necklace

    Lovely necklace for a great anime and the price is very nice as well

  • MadK***ie 1 год назад
    Loved it!!

    An eye pleasing look to it,durable chain and pendant. 10/10 I would order again if I lost the one I have.

  • Game***an 1 год назад
    A.o.T. Recon Corps Necklace

    If you are a fan of this show, this is a must-have, the emblem itself is made very well although there appears to be small ink smudges/scratches on the steel part (have to look very closely), but nothing major. The chain could be a little better as the steel links are a little thin and the crimped connections to the chain even more so (the crimped edge rings would slip through the chain loops without clamping them tighter) . Although the chain had its minor imperfections I do not believe it was worth taking a star off for the price range. Highly recommended, but buy a better chain or you might lose the emblem.

  • *** 1 год назад
    Great value, amazing necklace

    I ordered this on the 27th of December, and it arrived on the 10th of January. I was given a tracking number to track the necklace during transit, and it was updated every day with a new location that it was checked into. My only negative comment is that on the pendant, some of the colors on it (the blue and white) got onto the silver part of it. However, this is easily taken care of, and even so, you can barely notice it.

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