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Корейский сладкий конфеты типа цвета вязать шерсть шерсть шарф шаль Wrap шарф шаль Wrap

US$4.77 US$9.17

На складе, корабли в течение 1 рабочего дня.



Корейский сладкий конфеты типа цвета вязать шерсть шерсть шарф шаль Wrap шарф шаль Wrap

US$4.77 US$9.17

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Материал: Акрил
Цвет: бежевый, розовый, красный , красная роза, белый, серый, кофе, военно-морской флот, черный
Pattern Type:
Стиль: Мода, сладкий
Вес: 80g

Длина: 40CM (15.7 ')
Wideth: 46см (18,1 ')

Содержание пакета:1 * Neckerchief
Отзывы (10)
  • Yura***ko 7 месяцев назад
    Fashion Casual Candy Color Wool Scarf Shawl Wrap Neck Warmer

    Все дошло Все нормально За эти деньги все просто супер Спасибо Китаю

  • fote***ki 1 год назад

    Very nice and warm scar.I will get it in other colors too.

    One Size
  • laur***rd 1 год назад
    Une PETITE écharpe

    Petit et recouvre à peine le cou. J'attends un élargissement qui j'espère se fera avec le temps! Il n'est pas aussi gros que sur la photo. Un petit lavage du produit s'impose en raison des odeurs...

  • Ivy6***64 1 год назад
    Perfect! Finally a warm circle scarf.

    I have been SO frustrated, looking for a infinity/circle scarf that is ACTUALLY warm! They are all too long to actually do anything! This scarf is PERFECT if you are looking to warm your neck, mouth, and nose. It's super cute too, and the yarn is very soft and plush. It came with a sort of weird smell, but one wash and it didn't smell anymore. This is perfect for staying warm. That last reviewer is nuts. It is not the size of a typical infinity scarf, no. That much is obvious by just looking at the photos! It is much smaller than a normal infinity scarf so that it keeps you warmer. When I ordered, the title had "cozy scarf" in it I believe? And it basically describes how this feels. It's smaller so that it keeps you warm. I have a very large head, and it fits over my giant skull with room to spare. It never feels stretched, it's the perfect size so that the yarn isn't pulled apart but is still close enough to keep your body heat in. Overall: the size is perfect for staying warm, the yarn is thick and plush. It's been perfect so far in freezing cold temperatures, so it's perfect for places with cold weather. I would absolutely buy another and recommend this product to anyone who just wants to have a warm face and neck.

    One Size
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