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Portable USB Vehicle Mounted Ultrasonic Humidifier Air Diffuser Purifier

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Item Type: USB Ultrasonic Humidifier
Rated Voltage: DC 5V
Rated Power: 2W
Electric Current: 0.5A
Container Capacity: 250ml
Amount of Water Spray Mist: About 30ml/hr
Working Temperatures: 5℃ - 40℃
Applied Area: 10 to 20 square meters
USB Wire Length: 100cm
Humidifier Size: App 15 x 8 cm
Color: As Shown In The Picture
Material: Propene Polymer + Electronic Components
Weight: About 230g

Package Included:
1 X USB Ultrasonic Humidifier
1 X USB Wire
1 X English Manual

USB Vehicle Mounted Ultrasonic Humidifier Air Diffuser Purifier Portable
1. Please keep the mist dist clean and put the product in the clean place when you do not use it.
2. Please add water in time when used up.

1. USB Humidifier
    Powered via USB port on your computer or portable power source, convenient.
2. Vehicle Mounted USB Humidifier
    Can be used on your car, and put the humidifier in the place of cup.
3. Two Hours Working Time Setting
    Humidifier will turn off automaticlly after 2 hours working.
4. Ultrasonic Humidifier
    The latest ultrasonic atomization technology, make the mist more fine.
5. Four Kinds of Working Mode Setting
    Model 1: Press the Switch button ONCE for CONTINUOUS spraying with lighting.
    Model 2: Press the Switch button TWICE for INCOHERENT spraying with lighting.
                  (spraying for 10 secs, and stop for 30 secs)

    Model 3: Press the Switch button THRICE for CONTINUOUS spraying without lighting.
    Model 4: Press the Switch button FOUR TIMES for INCOHERENT spraying without lighting.
                  (spraying for 10 secs, and stop for 30 secs)
   Stoping: Press the Switch button FIVE TIMES or keeping pressing for 3 secs.
   The device will be automatically stopped after 2 hours operating.

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Reviews (4)
  • ***ToK
    1 year ago
    I am using this in my car. Especially when I start air condition in car, the weather inside the car become dry. This hurts my lungs and you can not feel the cold when the weather is dry. I am adding collogne inside and this makes the weather inside the car perfect.
  • ***ToK
    1 year ago
    As the air conditioner removes humidity in the air, it becomes unhealthy during long journeys within the car. If you put a little drops of cologne, it becomes better inside. The only cons about the product is, it would be better if it had more humidity throughput
  • ***ooren
    1 year ago
    Works well and looks nice, especially with the blue illumination. Quality is not super high, feels a bit cheap (which, of course, it also is ;) ). One tip: the user manual states that to open up the reservoir, the top part can be removed by turning counter clockwise. This is correct, but please note that it is not a screw lid: The reservoir is connected to the top part through L-shaped ducts, so you need to turn the top part only about 4 mm, then you can take the lid off by pulling.
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